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  Planning Guide for Selecting the Music
Choosing Music
Music plays a very important part of your reception and we are here to help/assist you in creating the musical mood that you envision. Using our 15 years of wedding experience we can guide/suggest music to make your reception fun and enjoyable for you and your guests. We will help you and give you suggestions for all phases of your event.

We have provided the music for hundreds of ceremonies over the years. In most cases we can provide you a disc of our favorite background music that creates the perfect mood for your ceremony. We can also suggest a song like Pachelbel Canon in D Major for your bridesmaid to walk into. Our favorite for the bride’s entrance is Trumpet Voluntary. After you are pronounced man and wife the classic wedding march is the song of choice for your first walk together as Husband and Wife.

Cocktail Hour
During your cocktail hour you have 3 choices to set the mood for the beginning of the reception. A popular style of music for cocktail hour is jazz. It creates a nice atmosphere for socializing. Classical music can also be a choice if you are trying to create a Victorian atmosphere. The other option is a themed cocktail hour. Some examples would be “Hawaiian or Island Reggae” theme, “Broadway show tunes,” or a list of the Bride & Groom’s easy listening songs.

Dinner Music
Played at a comfortable level so people can talk at their table. The 3 top formats to play for dinner are Easy Listening love songs, consisting of songs that most people are familiar with, piano music of easy listening popular hits to create a more elegant mood, or classical or Victorian music.

Grand Entrance Music
When the Bride & Groom and parents and bridal party are introduced into the reception, music plays a great part of creating an emotional moment. The proper music can really add more to the grand entrance than just calling their names out and watching them enter the room. You can choose to have one song played in the background for the parents and bridal party and the bride and groom. Most brides and grooms opt for a song for the parents. It usually reflects an emotion or time era to honor the parents. For the bridal party you would like to have something upbeat and fun. Fort the bride and groom you want to have a song that reflects the Grand Entrance of the Newlyweds. We take the Grand Entrance one step further to make it more unique whereas we offer enhanced introductions that allow a bride and groom to really customize their introduction. We’ll edit any part of any song as we introduce each member of the bridal party. We can also announce some comment or factor or something special that reflects the relationship between the wedding couple and the bridal party. This allows the introduction to be totally personal and custom-tailored for each event.
Music for the Formalities

Cake Cutting
We will play a song in the background during your cake cutting ceremony. We prefer the Average White Band – Cut the Cake. If the bride and groom want something different that will not be a problem.

Bouquet Toss
We use show tunes or fun stuff that reflects the moment of the event. During the toss we like to use David Letterman’s theme by Paul Schaffer.

Removal of the Garter
Some popular choices include “Legs” by ZZ Top, or “In These Shoes,” by Krista McColl.

Throwing of Garter
When we call all single gentlemen to the dance floor we often play the Blues Brothers or Peter Gunn. When the recipient of the garter places it on the recipient of the bouquet we like to use “Yello-Oh Yeah.”

Please keep in mind these are suggested songs and any substitute of music by the bride and groom is always honored and welcome. We always use good judgement during the bouquet and garter ceremony. We will never do anything that is distasteful or will offend anyone in the crowd.

Bridal Dances

Bride and Groom
The first dance is generally done right after the grand entrance. The song should be one that reflects the special bond between them or it should reflect a special moment in time or a special encounter.
Bride and Father
A very emotional dance usually done after dinner with the other specialty dances. Some of the top favorites for this dance are:

Groom and Mother
Another very emotional dance done directly after the bride and father dance. Some of the top favorites for this dance are:

Bridal Party
This is the dance that the bridal party joins the bride and groom on the dance floor. The song picked should reflect some type of friendship such as: The bridal dances are a great opportunity to add custom voiceovers to make this part of your event more memorable (or to give it “The Wow Factor”). During the dancing part of your event we try to play a mix of music that will cater to all tastes of music.

Music List
We try to get a music list from the bride and groom to reflect their personal taste in music and help create the mood that they envision during their reception. Our usual music format is 4 to 5 upbeat songs followed by 1 to 2 slow songs between fast sets.


"Bill and John were seriously amazing. Our dance floor was NEVER empty and there was not one song where I or my husband said "ehhh what's this?" We had a mix of younger (late 20s - early 30s) and an older crowd (50+) and they did the exact right amount of classics and newer music mixed in with some great slow songs. We had several people come up to us and compliment us on the amazing music even during the cocktail hour and dinner time. They were extremely professional, responsive, and obviously well experienced. They took the time to get to know our song style and what we wanted out of the night and then absolutely delivered. I really felt we were always in good hands -- and it was SO nice amidst all the planning and coordinating that goes into a wedding to not have to worry about anything because they had it covered! Thank you so much!"


"Bill and his assistant arrived hours early so as not to be late in traffic. You can't beat that work ethic! They were friendly, accommodating, and played appropriate music at appropriate times to get the crowd up and dancing. Bill worked on getting the crowd involved in Karaoke but discreetly so nobody felt pressured at all. There were no lulls in the music and we received many compliments. We hope to use them again in the future and would highly recommend A Sound Decision DJ Service for any event!"


"Let me tell you, this guy was great! Bill was recommended by a few others who had him DJ before. He ran our wedding reception like a pro. He kept the crowd going all night, interacted with the other guests, and even sang! As a complete surprise, he made it more personal and memorable than we could have imagined. We would definitely use A Sound DJ Service again. We recommend Bill to anyone looking for a great DJ. Awesome Job, Bill!!!!! Thank you, Dawn and Tom"

Dawn and Tom



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